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Libya p8ct: 0.5 Pound from 1951

Paper money from Libya
Country and Pick Number:Libya pick 8ct
Banknote Series:Law of 24.10.1951
Bank / Issuer:Treasury, Libya
First Year of Issue:1951
Denomination and Currency:0.5 Pound
Issue Type:Color Trial
Name of Issuer / Bank:Treasury, Libya
Name of Issue:Law of 24.10.1951
Description of Paper Money / Banknote
Law of 1951. Color trial: brown on multicolored underprint. Arms at left. Denomination in large number at right over watermark area.
Front of Libya banknote, 0.5 Pound, pick 8ct from the year 1951
Reverse side of Libya banknote, 0.5 Pound, pick 8ct from the year 1951

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Comment by saadsaadfaragdfg on 2017-01-06

"How much price please ?"

Comment by Proteus on 2017-01-08

"If you're looking to buy this banknote, I don't have it. Also, we don't sell paper money on this website. If you are looking for its value, unfortunately I don't know. This specimen banknote is not listed in the Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money, and there are no sales histories for it yet."

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