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ПET vs. PET: Bosnian Error

Bio page for verbal By verbal on 2016-05-24

Perhaps Bosnia is not the most successful country in the world, but when it comes to the curiosities of currency notes, Bosnia is in the running for world champion. Bosnia has everything: state made counterfeits, banknote denominations with with eleven digits (10000000000 Dinars; as a reference in January of 1993 24 of these notes of 10 billion dinars, ie 240 billion, could buy you one box of matches) and Bosnia even has regular notes with misspelling.

Yep! Banknotes P-61 and P-62 have spelling errors on the reverse. Most have already noticed that there are both Latin and Cyrillic scripts on Bosnian notes. In this respect the 5 Mark note is no different (actually, there is a bit of a difference: on P-61 the Latin script is above the Cyrillic while on P-62 the Cyrillic script is above the Latin). But on both variations, the back side of both P-61 and P-62 features a spelling error in the Cyrillic script. Instead of ПET (П = P as Portugal) they have written PET. It's very easy to overlook this error since the letters E and T are written identically on both the Latin and Cyrillic scripts (if this font is used), so the word still makes complete sense (5) and is spelled correctly - but in the Latin script and not in Cyrillic as it should be. Oops!

bosnia paper money with spelling error

bosnia paper money with fixed spelling

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Bio page for verbal
Comment by Proteus on 2016-10-08
"I wonder what kind of process banknote design and initial printing goes through. I would have imagined that there would be many layers of proofing to ensure that the notes does not contain any embarrassing errors ..."

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