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I am not going to bore people with the details, but I will assume that you will concede the fact that it has taken a tremendous amount of work to get this website to where it is, and it continues to be a tremendous expenditure of time and effort for one person to design, code, and populate everything on the site whilst, of course, administering the entire paper money project as well as a growing list of members. This is why I converted the site to a member-based service -- so that I could have some help with certain elements which, in the end, benefit the paper money collecting community as a whole.

The following is a list, as I can best as I can recall (it is 3:30am, to be fair), of ways in which you can be of some assistance in growing the website:

News and Articles

One of the things that is most difficult for me is the organizing and writing of articles. I am actually a decent blogger, for all it's worth, but I've constantly got numerous ideas for cool features for the website, as well as a constant stream of data to enter which seem to take precedent. As a result, the news portion of the website is seldom updated. Granted, the articles posted on are fantastic (informative and original), but they have been few and far in between. Do you think you could remedy this? You have to be a member to submit articles, but you need not worry about grammar and spelling. Articles are to be written in English, but I will be proof reading them prior to publishing, so please do not feel left out if English is not your first language (it is not mine either ;).

Gallery Uploads

The banknote image gallery is the pride and joy of this website. As far as I can tell it is the most organized, highest quality, and most complete online gallery but there is lots of room for improvement. I realize that it is getting more and more difficult, but if you have access to paper money images (properly edited and in the right format) for paper money that does not have any images yet, please take the time to upload your scans. Maybe we'll ever reach a 100% for the gallery, but I'll be damned if we don't try! As a new feature for the latest version of, I've also enabled the uploading of "improved" images for each banknote. So, if the current gallery picture for a note is looking a bit shabby, and you've got a better one, let's have it! Again, this is only an option for registered members.

eBay Sales Histories

One of the long time goes of the website is to provide members with current and accurate valuations of their banknotes and paper money collections. This is a huge undertaking, requiring an extremely large data set considering the number of banknotes which are listed on the website. But each and every entry is one closer to achieving this goal. As it stands, I've personally entered approximately 20,000 sales histories per year by myself. It would be unreasonable for me to expect such a commitment from anyone else, but as a community we should be capable of increasing this number incrementally, with time. Just imagine that 1,000 members entered 10 data points per month. I'm no mathematician, but 120,000 + 20,000 > 20,000, it would seem. Register to help out!

Social Media

Social media is an extremely useful tool in drawing an audience, and audience we could use! The more people that become members, the more knowledge, conversation, connections, and contributions we can generate. This means more interesting people, more news articles, a more complete image gallery, more contibutions for data input, etc.

For the moment is only on FaceBook, but you can refer your friends and acquaintances to the website directly as well. on Facebook

Advertising and eBay Links

Shop for banknotes and paper money using this website! Whenever you click on a link to an eBay item you are potentially treating yourself to a cool new addition to your banknote collection, but you are also putting a few pennies into my piggy bank. I do appreciate this very much, and the proceeds get re-invested into the website and buy me a banknote now and then, inspiring me to continue working on the website, even when I should be sleeping! But seriously, if you are looking for some banknotes to buy, following any link to eBay on this website really helps to keep me motivated and working hard, so thank you.

Direct Contibutions

Though it is in no way expected nor required, if you are able and willing, you can always throw a few dollars my way via PayPal donations. Proceeds generally go towards energy drinks, which increase my productivity significantly. Also, as an important side note for someone who works hard on the site: you can put a smile on my face for days with your donations. Among other things, a personal donation are a compliment I'm happy to receive.

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